May 16-18, 2017 | Eastern States Exposition | West Springfield, MA

Attendee Profile

Access an Exclusive Gateway to Northeast Sales

EASTEC places you face-to-face with key decision-makers from throughout the Northeast region.




Source for all statistics unless otherwise stated: EASTEC 2013 Registration Data


“EASTEC provides a chance to see technologies you’re interested in and others you didn’t even know you were! Each time I go, I come away with the unexpected technology that turns out to be the most beneficial. Why wouldn’t I go?”

Paul Lussier
Quality Manager
Waters Corp.


Company Size

EASTEC connects you with small, mid-size and large manufacturing companies, each with their own unique technology needs.





“We attend EASTEC because it is conveniently located near our company, but the most important reason is that technology is changing so fast. It always surprises me how many new products are on display at the event. EASTEC allows us to see all the latest equipment without spending a lot of time or money. And every time we attend EASTEC we get new ideas that we take back and try to incorporate at our factory.”

Michael Boucher
Production Manager
CPS Technologies


Reach the Purchasing Authority

77percent of EASTEC attendees influenced equipment purchase decisions in their companies. Gather a cross-section of solid leads in just three days when you’re face-to-face with EASTEC’s highly-qualified buyers.




With Substantial Purchasing Power

On average, 28% of the EASTEC audience has equipment budgets that exceed $200,000. Many attendees are motivated buyers ready to make immediate equipment purchase decisions.





“I attend EASTEC for a number of reasons including seeking out a multitude of products that I can see and touch in person in one place, discussing the state of the local economy with attendees and check out the latest technology offerings by various suppliers. But, after I cover all of the items I specifically wanted to see, I take the time to walk around and learn something new. It is truly remarkable how you can come up with new ideas by just being is such a manufacturing target-rich environment! In short, covering all of this in one or two days is a great use of my time!”

Mike Rovillo
Quality Manager


Attendee Job Functions

Owner/Company Management/Corporate Executive 20%
Manufacturing Production Management 12%
Manufacturing Engineering Department 12%
Sales & Marketing 12%
Manufacturing Production Department 12%
Manufacturing Engineering Management 6%
Product Design and R&D 8%
Quality Assurance & Control 4%
Purchasing 2%
Control Engineering/Automation 2%
Other* 10%

*Process Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Tool Design Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Plant Engineers, Materials Engineers, Design Engineers, and Control Engineers.


“Our company has attended EASTEC for the past seventeen years and due to that we have changed our “Screw Machine Shop” to a “General Purpose Job Shop.” Seeing machines and tooling in operation helped us to purchase CNC Lathes & VMC machines which changed our direction. Meeting with professionals gave us the opportunity to find better ways to produce and inspect complex parts for the Aerospace, Military and Medical industries. Thank you for the venue to help us accomplish this.”

Charley Briggs
Manufacturing Supervisor
BerkMatics, Inc.


Business Segments that Attend

Diverse Northeast business sectors, including growth industries, regularly attend EASTEC.


Aircraft/Aerospace 19%
Industrial & Commercial Machinery 11%
Medical/Surgical 8%
Fabricated Metal/Stampings 6%
Automotive/Motorsports 4%
Defense 4%
Consulting/Engineering 3%
Plastic Products 3%
Research & Development 3%
Electronics/Computers 2%
Petroleum/Renewable Energy 2%
Services (Financial and Other) 2%
Government/Military 1%
General Manufacturing 32%



Meet First-Time Attendees

of EASTEC 2011 attendees were first-time visitors. EASTEC is your connection to new enterprises and new prospects. If you’re looking to serve growth industries, this is your opportunity to get on key supplier lists.


“I attend EASTEC because of the evolution of our industry. Twenty-five years ago every company had its own way of doing things! But as the years went by, and technology advanced, we were forced to look outside the box. We started to see that we are not alone, everyone is doing the same things, using the same tools. We learned that by networking at EASTEC with like companies and sharing our ideas we all can stay competitive in the market. By working together we can align ourselves to keep work in America. There is nothing more satisfying than being around thousands of professionals who have the same drive and passion for the machining industry as yourself.

Our company has been in business for over forty-two years and we now occupy a 40,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility. We bought our last six machines through networking at EASTEC, and two were purchased directly off the show floor.

The rewards are limitless; I will attend EASTEC every year it’s held!”

Vince Klezos
Manufacturing Engineer/Manager
CBS Manufacturing Company


Technologies Evaluated

EASTEC attendees indicated they come to the event to evaluate the following technologies (multiple responses):