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Bright Minds Student Challenge

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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The Bright Minds Dream It! Do It! Student Challenge will take place on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 in West Springfield, Massachusetts. To be considered for the challenges, a teacher and the team of 3-6 students must submit a project entry with your challenge choice (choose from the selection below) and send contact information (email and phone) for the main teacher/educator for the group to by February 20, 2015.

There will be awards for the first and second place teams in each category challenge. All students will receive certificates of participation. A stipend will be provided to each school to help cover a portion of the transportation costs for the participating students, and lunch will also be provided. Send in your abstract today!

Student Challenge – Building One, winners announced @ SME Booth #1262 at 3:30 p.m.

TEAM Challenge Details
Abstracts due February 20, 2015

Challenge 1 – “LEAN and Green: The 21st Century Advanced Manufacturing Workplace
Student teams will develop a workcell and/or factory floor model demonstrating a process improvement, or “Green” opportunity for their sponsor manufacturer.

Teams will first analyze “As Is” situation for work cell or entire manufacturing floor. They will find way(s) to improve process, eliminating waste (of time, money, materials, etc.) or find a way to make the manufacturing process more environmentally sound. They will then create a model of their improved plan, and present it to judges in a 4-6 minute presentation.

Challenge 2 – “Understanding by Design: Engineering and Technology in Manufacturing”
Student teams will produce a final product representing the results of a reverse engineering process for a part made by their sponsor manufacturer. The final presentation must demonstrate an understanding of both the part and principles of the engineering design.

Teams will choose a part used or manufactured by their sponsor manufacturer. They will examine that part in detail and create and present a CAD 3D drawing of that part. Teams will be able to explain the function of that part within the system, and will suggest ideas for improving that part (e.g. its manufacture, design, materials, etc.) Teams’ findings will be presented to judges in a 4-6 minute presentation.

Team Challenge Objectives:

  • From now until May 13, your team will work on the project with your industry partner with a goal for your team presentation to be delivered during the Bright Minds Program.
  • Students will work with a local manufacturer to learn their business in detail. Student high school, university/community college teams will work with the local manufacturer and become familiar with the product(s) they make and the processes they use and be able to describe the sponsoring manufacturer’s operations.
  • Students will become familiar with the particular manufacturing methods used by the sponsoring manufacturer.
  • Students will develop a detailed work cell or factory floor model demonstrating manufacturing improvement(s). (Challenge #1)
  • Students will reverse engineer a specific part used by sponsor manufacturer. (Challenge #2)
  • Students will present their physical display and explain it orally to judges at the Bright Minds event.

Individual Challenge Details

Individual Challenge – “Made in the Northeast”
The individual student will research a product or products made by their sponsor manufacturer and create a marketing campaign for the product. The campaign must demonstrate their understanding of both the manufacturing process and the product itself.

Student will first connect with their sponsor manufacturer and research that sponsor’s specific industry sector (e.g. aerospace, plastics, medical-device, etc). Next, Student will select one of the manufacturer’s products and how it is used and inventory and draw comparisons between competing products. Student must develop a tabletop display and accompanying oral presentation that markets the selected product and incorporates its real-world application.

Individual Challenge Objectives:

  • Student will work with a local manufacturer and be able to describe the sponsoring manufacturer’s business in detail.
  • Student will become familiar with a particular product created by that manufacturer and develop an understanding of competitor products that are currently available on the market.
  • Student will develop a marketing campaign (utilizing a tabletop display) for that product.
  • Student will present their tabletop display and present their oral marketing campaign to the judges at the Bright Minds event.

Note: If there are questions about the project entry submission, the Bright Minds review committee will email the contact for the school for additional information.

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