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Integrated Solution Center

Complete Industry 4.0 solution platform that converts data into value.

Enable legacy machine tools to use open standards, add new sensors, integrate other enabled machines and devices to provide a collective dashboard of actionable intelligence for your factory floor.


In the Integrated Solutions Center, see a demonstration of air-gapped IIoT 4.0 automation and closed-loop process control using low-cost equipment you may be using today.

  • Integrated operations
    • Metrology, additive, subtractive, robotics, analytics, and closed-loop process control
    • Interactive process control: an in-process inspection KPI changes a fit-critical KPP
  • Data analytics follow every part, sensor, and equipment in the system
    • Metrology contains part characteristics
    • Analytics, including OEE, represent current state of equipment
    • Entire production process captured as a separately aggregated performance metric


Watch to learn more about the LIMS Box