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Knowledge Bar Opportunity

We are offering EASTEC Exhibitors a unique complimentary opportunity to host a Knowledge Bar discussion at EASTEC within the SME Zone.  We only have ten 15-minute slots available, so you will want to act fast to secure your slot.

A Knowledge Bar is a traditional educational bar-like setting where exhibitors will be leading a small group of 8 – 12 attendees in a discussion.  These discussions are designed to provide the opportunity for attendees to ask questions about specific manufacturing challenges and get ‘the scoop’ from industry experts.

  • PowerPoint presentations are ‘banned’ at these discussion sessions
  • These are not commercial product pitches
  • Attendees will connect with other attendees while working through challenges, “Ask the Experts” and meeting informational needs on a specific topic area
  • These 15-minute discussion sessions are complimentary for the selected “ask the expert” exhibitors to host and for registered attendees to take part

Knowledge Bar discussions will be promoted on the event website, event directory, electronic emails and event mobile app. In addition, each Knowledge Bar discussion leader will be given a number of tickets to pass out from their exhibit space to promote their discussion topic, date, time, location.

We will add the Knowledge Bar discussions to the event registration page so attendees can register.

Please complete the application form to submit your application to host a Knowledge Bar discussion.



  • Where to start if I want to include Virtual Reality in my customer training program?
  • Challenges of working with composite materials.
  • Can automated inspection increase quality?
  • How can I use data collection for predictive maintenance purposes?
  • Determining if I’ve outgrown my precision machining center?
  • What are the challenges of machining titanium?
  • Why is the digital thread important?
  • Additive Manufacturing materials for the medical industry.
  • How does the IIoT impact what I do in my manufacturing facility?
  • Where to start if I want to fully automate a line?
  • What is the Digital Twin and how can that help me with product design?
  • Why should I care about cyber security?