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Delaware Levels Up Workforce

Home to a diverse range of industries, Delaware is consistently one of the lowest business cost and lowest tax burden states in the United States.

To ensure the proper workforce for companies choosing Delaware is available, the state continues to foster its world-class research universities and customized training programs.

With a thriving science economy, having one of the world’s largest labor pools of science and technology experts supports the expansion of and economic growth in those sectors throughout the state. When looking at the future of the state it expects exponential growth in biotech and manufacturing. Delaware has a reputation for being a global leader in chemical innovation and offers R&D tax credits at both state and federal levels.

Alongside the science sector is the manufacturing sector which is also seeing significant growth. The manufacturing industry in Delaware is finding its footing by using innovative ways to deliver goods across the nation.

Due to the state’s strategic location and robust infrastructure, logistics is a top selling point to manufacturing companies. Delaware is committed to the continued growth and expansion of next-generation manufacturers. Manufacturing is the state’s third-largest traded sector, with manufactured goods valued at almost $5 billion. With manufacturing a growing sector in Delaware, it also has potential to have a positive effect on other industries statewide, such as chemistry and biosciences. These sectors can work with current manufacturing companies in the state to create a tight-knit supply chain.

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