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Manufacturing Trade Shows You Need to Attend

These days it may feel like manufacturing trade shows are a dime-a-dozen. After doing some research, you have probably compiled a long list that you need to narrow down. So, how will you choose which events will be best for your company’s needs? So glad you asked! We are here to help you with a few tips for choosing the correct manufacturing trade shows to attend.

How to choose:

First, it will be helpful to make a list of your company’s needs and what those needs may entail. Of course, shopping for new equipment is always at the top, but what other needs will that purchase spur? The number two need of companies attending manufacturing trade shows is usually training. SME can help with that. Whether it’s through fostering your connection with top manufacturers or the learning opportunities we provide both on and off the exhibit floor, such as our Tooling-U SME courses and Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series.

Getting there:

By now it is probably safe to assume that you have heard of the typical travel sites and you have the same types of flight deals coming across your desktop, but did you know there are a few fun sites that can help your company save money on travel? The first is the GasBuddy Trip Calculator. This is a tool that will calculate near-accurate gas cost based on your driving route. This free little budget tool is so handy!

What to take:

Preparing for trade shows and conferences can be daunting. If you’re like us, you’d like to find the balance of having the things you need without carting along your entire office. Consider this your guide to travelling light at EASTEC, or any of SME’s other manufacturing trade shows. We’ve put together a helpful list of items that will come in handy on the exhibit floor, and particularly during EASTEC’s many learning opportunities.

Here’s a basic checklist for you: (bullet these items)

  • Laptop and Charger: This is recommended for attendance to our Additive Manufacturing Series Seminar
  • Notebook
  • Pens
  • Pocket protector for said pens
  • Phone Charger– most shows have charging stations, but a battery pack or solar charger will always come in handy. Sites like Groupon have affordable versions that do both.
  • Badge– you’ll collect yours for EASTEC upon arrival.
  • Business cards– EASTEC has countless networking opportunities. Be sure to bring extra.

Finally, the most important thing you can get for any of our manufacturing trade shows is a free exhibit floor pass.