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SME’s Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series Will Be Co-Located at EASTEC

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EASTEC is one of four regional manufacturing trade shows, produced by SME and AMT, in support of industries such as aerospace, medical devices, automotive, industrial equipment and defense on the east coast. Now in its 35th year, this year’s EASTEC will showcase foundational manufacturing to breakthrough technologies associated with artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, robotics, automation, and Big Data.

Co-located at this year’s EASTEC will be SME’s Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series that will focus on how major manufacturers and supplies have transformed their operations by embracing additive manufacturing (AM).

Eastern States Exposition
West Springfield, Massachusetts USA
14-16 May 2019

We caught up with Carl Mitroff, SME Conference Manager, to talk about SME’s upcoming Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series at EASTEC in an exclusive AMazing® Q&A conversation.


AMazing®: Carl, thank you for your participation. The potential of additive manufacturing (AM) to increase design flexibility and reduce time-to-market continues to inspire manufacturing stakeholders, world-wide. In a recent SME announcement about iRAMP (Interactive RAPID AM Portal) to this year’s RAPID + TCT, the author claims that “AM is on the brink of becoming the disruptive technology that many have longed expected”. How far away is industry from using AM for prototyping and manufacturing aids/tooling jigs to limited run or full scale production parts?

Carl Mitroff: It is not far away; it is happening now! Manufacturers have been using AM for prototyping and tooling for years. Companies such as GE Additive use metal AM to help produce 35,000 (per year) LEAP Fuel Nozzles for aircraft engines, making that one part 25% lighter, 5x more durable, and reducing 20 parts to 1. Automotive companies are investing in this technology to produce production quantity composite parts for HVAC and break systems. Just recently, researchers at Tel Aviv University successfully engineered and printed an entire rabbit’s heart with cells, blood vessels, ventricles and chamber. If you are waiting for AM to mature, you are already behind.

AMazing®: Last year, the Smart Manufacturing Seminar Series included a number of AM events from applications and materials to metal AM. What prompted the decision by SME to dedicate a seminar series on additive manufacturing? How does co-locating SME’s Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series with EASTEC benefit general trade show attendees and businesses interested in the integration of AM in their manufacturing processes?

Carl Mitroff: The decision was simple, as we recognized a market consisting of small to medium sized manufactures who are struggling to comprehend this technology. They have yet to fully recognize how critically important it is to invest in resources that increase knowledge and exposure to AM, in some capacity, into their existing manufacturing operations. The goal of the AM Seminar Series is to provide an educational/learning/networking experience where company leaders, engineers, technical staff, business managers and the like, hear from leading manufactures and AM suppliers that successfully use this technology. Our speakers will share real life stories and case studies about their AM journeys, including the challenges and successes they face along the way.

Leveraging SME’s tech events like EASTEC provides us an opportunity to expose the Seminar Series and AM technology to a larger manufacturing audience. For a minimal investment, attendee delegates gain access and exposure to a full-day event focusing on major topics around AM. Delegates will hear technical presentations from experts who will share how AM has influenced their operations. Their presentations focus on the technology they are using, backed by research and case studies. Recognizing the importance of live interaction, we purposely integrate professional networking opportunities into the agenda. This helps create one-to-one contact, not only with the experts present, but with their peers who may be facing similar challenges.

AMazing®: As adoption of AM grows, businesses will need capable, skilled and available employees to support the growth of AM in design, processes, machine and technology. What show features will be available to students, faculty members and young professionals interested in a career in additive manufacturing?

Carl Mitroff: Workforce development is certainly an important topic for everyone. There will be several workforce-focused opportunities for students, faculty, and young professionals at EASTEC. On Thursday, May 16, from 9:15 – 10:15 a.m., we will host a keynote panel in the SME Zone titled: Engage a Multi-Generational Workforce for Sustainable Manufacturing. That same day from 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., there will be a Student Summit where high school students have the chance to participate in a hands-on drone design and fly challenge, and they will be free to tour the event floor.

AMazing®: Finally, what conference strategies and tips would you suggest to Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series attendees to maximize their seminar experience?

Carl Mitroff: Be on time, have an open mind, visit our seminar website Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series – EASTEC May 15, 2019, and get acquainted with the speakers and the topics to be discussed. Each speaker profile has their subject abstract along with a quick bio. Create a list of questions in advance and be prepared to actively participate. We are currently creating an end of day Expert Panel session with leaders from Desktop Metal, MIT, Joe Gibbs Racing, and others. This will be a great opportunity for all delegates to engage with some of today’s top minds in Additive. Finally, don’t forget to visit the AM exhibitors on the show floor and take advantage of the wealth of information available under one roof.

This concludes our interview. Carl, thank you very much for your participation. We are very grateful for the opportunity to learn about SME’s upcoming Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series at EASTEC.

About Carl Mitroff
Carl is the Event Manager for the Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series; he is also the Conference Manager for RAPID + TCT.  

Advanced manufacturing technology intersects with longstanding tradition at EASTEC 2019, May 14-16 in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Now in its 35th year, EASTEC celebrates the historical importance of Northeast manufacturing while showcasing its future in leading-edge industries such as aerospace, medical devices, automotive, industrial equipment and defense.

It’s all here, from long-established foundational manufacturing to the advanced technology that makes possible smart manufacturing and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Technology runs the gamut from high-end manufacturing equipment to smart technologies such as additive manufacturing and automation. EASTEC provides you with the ideal opportunity to make and renew business connections, explore the latest technology, learn from industry experts and shape the future of your business.

About Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series
SME’s Additive Manufacturing Seminar Series next stop will be in Springfield, MA on May 15, 2019. Co-located with the EASTEC Event, this seminar will focus on how major manufacturers and suppliers have transformed their operations by embracing Additive Manufacturing with a focus on the materials used to produce production-ready parts. At the seminar, industry experts will be on hand to discuss how they are implementing the technology and present various case studies with real life examples of how AM is transforming traditional manufacturing. Hear how the materials used in additive manufacturing are ever changing and how metals, polymers and advanced composites are utilized in a variety of additive manufacturing technologies. Learn about processing parameters, design considerations, typical defects you find in metals, aluminum, super alloys and many things in between.

About SME
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