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TURBOCAM International Featured in Manufacturing Today

Like most companies, TURBOCAM International guides its business practices, internal culture and overall operations around a brief but powerful mission statement. The content and deeper meaning of that mission statement differentiates the company from many of its peers.

TURBOCAM’s mission– to “honor God, create wealth for its employees and support Christian service to God and people” – was first committed to paper by company founder Marian Noronha in the earliest years of the company’s existence. More than 30 years later, these words continue to exemplify how TURBOCAM treats its customers, suppliers and employees.

“Practically everybody would say they have a unique culture, but not many companies that I’ve run into have in their mission statement that their purpose is to honor God,” says John Bressoud, a 26-year employee of the company and a program manager. “People that are meeting us for the first time know that we are above board and will treat them the way we want to be treated. We have gained credibility in the industry from our mission.”

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