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EASTEC Testimonials

There are so many reasons to attend EASTEC, the Northeast’s Premier Manufacturing Event … new technologies, new ideas, networking and more. Read why these New England manufacturers attend EASTEC year after year. Check out the EASTEC Testimonials below!

“Our company attends EASTEC each year it is held because technology changes and it’s a good way to keep up with the latest advances and see them first hand. Over the years we have identified products and/or services that have helped us improve. We have also made contacts that we may not have used immediately but, have either helped us out in the future or lead us to other options. Even though we attend EASTEC with a list of companies we want to speak to, browsing around has also lead to new discoveries.”
Jack Meagher, Senior CI Engineer New Hampshire Ball Bearings
“I always look forward to EASTEC because I can get up close and personal with all of the machines and new tooling options. A shop owner has few opportunities to see everything in person all in one location. I can also get questions answered in a few seconds instead of calling or emailing the company to find the right person. I have even discovered products at EASTEC that I didn’t know I needed! I am a full-time photographer and I began attending EASTEC when I started to develop picture frame brackets for displaying photos and artwork.”
Jim Abrams, Shooting Star Photography
“I enjoy going to EASTEC because it is a local event with a lot of international technology. It is a great place to see the latest technologies, in a centralized location in the New England area. EASTEC features a wide variety of vendors that can supply anything from small drills to water jet systems that could take up a whole room. This is advantageous to shops that need new technology from machinery to tooling. EASTEC has helped me develop local and international contacts for machinery and tooling that have given our company an edge over our competition. We have also been able to get competitive pricing from the vendors we need to purchase from.”
Matt Bartlett, Engineer Spirol, International Corp.
“Due to our geographic location EASTEC is easy and worthwhile for me to make the two hour drive. EASTEC offers us the opportunity to meet with our peers, explore emerging technologies, and find potential vendors. We use it as an educational experience expanding our outlook which often leads us to new markets. I recommend it to anyone, in any technical field, as a means of technology transfer.”
Roger Stillman, Operations Manager, ISO Management Representative, Metric & Multistandard Components Corp.
“The location of EASTEC in West Springfield is ideal because I work about ten minutes away. Attending is a great way to meet other people in my area that might be either looking for the same equipment or trying to solve a similar problem. When you see four to five people looking at a machine, you start to ask them why they want it. Then you find out it could be a valuable resource for your business. I was fortunate to find a digital microscope at EASTEC. I purchased it and now use it weekly to show others fine details of fasteners. This helped us to better understand our machine process as well as repeatability. My customers and prospects now ask for zoom shots at every presentation!”
Walter Danek, R & D Technician OMG, Inc.