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Innovation, Automation And Deflategate-Testing Robots Seen At EASTEC Manufacturing Expo In West Springfield

A robot played dominoes Tuesday at the EASTEC manufacturing trade show at the Big E.

The robot, set up by Westfield’s Elm Electrical inc., also checked footballs for the proper air pressure, flashing a photo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick when the pressure was right and one of a frowning Roger Goodell when the ball was too soft.

Nearby another robot only a few inches tall demonstrated the ability to lift machinery weighing thousands of pounds and move it around a shop floor.

In another part of the expo, a NASA scientist spoke of how robot astronauts will pioneer a path for humans to one day visit Mars.

“All our customers are trying to do more with less,” said Domenic DiRenzo, regional sales manager for Elm, an electrical contractor that also builds equipment and integrates different pieces together. “That is where automation comes in.”

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