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Significant Growth within Northeast Manufacturing

Northeast manufacturing continues to grow post COVID-19. Earlier this year we saw significant growth in medical manufacturing, the wind industry, and aerospace. As those sectors remain strong and we continue to move forward, the industry continues to make great strides towards a full recovery.

Manufacturing activity has continued its acceleration with orders growing in strength. One area seeing lots of activity is the low voltage motors market as the automotive and HVAC systems sectors transition to greener and more efficient technologies.

Manufacturing job growth continues to make leaps and bounds as well by adding over 60,000 jobs in October. Most of this job growth was seen within the auto industry.

Growing Companies

There are some companies that standout when it comes to growth within manufacturing along the northeastern US. Below are some of the ones to watch.

One company helping lead the way is Siemens. With their US headquarters based out of Washington DC, northeast manufacturing will continue to grow with their new products.

Axis New England recently hit a major milestone by deploying their one thousandth robotic arm. Their robotic arms are operating in nearly 300 companies throughout the northeast.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has even switched their pharmaceutical production to continuous1 manufacturing to aid in quality control and lower cost.

Modula Inc., headquartered in Maine, has a solution for those sectors still seeing a labor shortage with their automated storage and retrieval systems and robots. They champion automation as a tool to increase productivity, enhance safety, and improve employee satisfaction.

Ambrell is hosting an open house in Rochester, NY next month to showcase their job openings due to the rapid growth they’ve been experiencing as well.

Northeast manufacturing only continues to make great strides in its recovery post COVID-19. To learn more about the manufacturing trends and innovations within the northeast, attend EASTEC.